Apple juice now available

Now that the orchard is over 10 years old, the trees are mature and cropping well. 2018 has been an exceptionally good harvest and we have enough to produce and sell apple juice as well as cider. As with the cider, the juice is 100% apples, but with just a little extra Vitamin C added. The early apples make very good single-variety juices as they have a good balance between acidity and sweetness. So far, we have made single-variety juices from Katy, Lord Lambourne and Tom Putt. The first two are available in Lorton Village shop now and Tom Putt will be available shortly. The next pressing will be of Golden Spire. After that, if there is sufficient demand, we may use some of the wonderfully-flavoured russet varieties blended with some sharper apples to balance the sweetness.