Cider update – 2016 vintage

You may recall that 2016 was a really nice summer. As a consequence, we had a bumper crop of excellent apples. We don’t hurry our ciders here at Mosser, but the first of the 2016 vintage (Tremlett’s Bitter – see picture of the apples above) is now ready for drinking and will be in the shops before Christmas. This cider should be just perfect for drinking with Christmas goose, but would go equally well with pork, ham or duck. It also complements cheese, eggs and a host of other everyday meals. If you are having turkey at Christmas, then I would recommend the Orchard Magic, which is still available.

As the name suggests, Tremlett’s Bitter gets its distinctive flavour from the bittersweet cider apples of that name. These have been blended with Tom Putt, which lightens and freshens the taste, and with a smaller proportion of Major, which rounds out the whole package. There is also a small proportion of other apples from our orchard, such as Keswick Codlin, Golden Spire, Gennet Moyle, Sunset and Katy. This first parcel of 2016 has been blended with some 2014 Tremlett’s Bitter, which has added a smooth earthiness to the flavour.

Meanwhile, still maturing, we have the following ciders:

  • A blend of Katy, Major, Tom Putt and Tremlett’s Bitter
  • Kingston Black / Brown Snout
  • Dabinett

These may be blended further as a result of tasting (tough job!) to achieve a nice balance. They will not be released until the cidermaster is happy that they have matured and are ready (more tasting required).