Mosser Cider and Apple Juice at Bassenthwaite Lake Station

31 August 2021   in Cider by Admin


We are delighted to say that from September 2nd, Mosser Cider and Apple Juice will be available at the ‘new old’ Bassenthwaite Lake Station.

Bassenthwaite Lake, a station on the former Cockermouth, Keswick, Penrith railway in Cumbria, closed in 1966 and fell into a serious state of disrepair over the next 53 years until Simon and Diana Parums purchased the ruin and set about a 2-year programme of renovations to restore the old stone station building into its original condition.The results of this labour are truly spectacular!

The ‘station’ features full-size replica steam train, which had been used as the filmset for the 2017 film, Murder on the Orient Express, and this forms a magnificent centrepiece and attraction for the site. While it is not a real train, its additional width and height means that a spacious Restaurant carriage and Salon are available for customers to use or hire and makes the station look real once more.

The 1930s style of the train and its décor provides a real wow factor and reflects the romantic steam train atmosphere of the era, while providing a perfect backdrop to the restored satation.

Enjoy the ambience, and some local cider or apple juice too!