Apple juice

As well as cider, we are now producing 100% pure apple juice – all hand-picked, hand-pressed and hand-bottled from named varieties in our own orchard.

The apples are stored and then pressed when they have reached maximum ripeness and flavour, which is preserved for later pleasure by careful pasteurisation. The juice from apples earlier in the season is mostly of a single variety as they have a good balance between sweetness and acidity. Later in the season, we may blend two or more (named) varieties in order to achieve the correct balance – late season dessert apples can be rather sweet, so we add a culinary variety.

Find the apple juice in the following shops:

Lorton Village Shop, High Lorton, Cockermouth, CA13 9UL

Our currently-available juices are:

Lord Lambourne – Made solely from Lord Lambourne apples grown in our orchard in Mosser and pressed on site. Most definitely not from concentrate!

Lord Lambourne was introduced in 1907 and is considered by many to be the finest-tasting mid-season apple: crisp, moderately sweet and aromatic. The juice reflects these qualities with a good
balance of sweetness and acidity, a full body and a luscious flavour.

Katy – Made solely from Katy apples grown in our orchard in Mosser and pressed on site. Most definitely not from concentrate!

Katy (Katya) originates from Sweden in 1947, although it is a cross between two British varieties—James Grieve and Worcester Permain. It is a “2nd early” apple with a fresh taste. It does not keep long, but makes a very tasty juice with not too much sugar or acidity.

Tom Putt – An 18th century apple from Devon or Somerset (disputed). Very popular in the West Country, it also does well in Cumbria as it does not mind the damp. It is a beautiful rosy-red apple which we use a lot in our cider, but it also makes a very flavoursome juice.

Coming soon – Golden Spire – Otherwise known as Tom Matthews cider apple, this makes a well-flavoured juice with a slight cider taste (but without the alcohol).